Submission Guidelines for #200WT!

Welcome to 200-Word Tuesdays!

200-Word Tuesdays is word-prompt game aimed at inspiring/challenging writers, authors, scribblers and dreamers to come up with stories and/or poetry around two themes each month.
The challenge? Tell your story/poetry in 200 words. There is a 10% leeway over and under – 180 words minimum and 220 words maximum.
Once written, submit by send your stories to us via email on:
In the subject, please state “200WT Submission” along with the provided theme of your story.

(Please note that untitled submissions cannot be accepted. All stories must have a unique title, or if chain story, must be numbered and titled correctly.)
Paste your stories into the body of the email, no attachments.
In your email, include your preferred author name, your Twitter handle, your website or blog URL (if any), and a URL to your book/ most-recent-publication page (if any).
Author: Snuffy McSnufferson
Twitter: @SnuffMuffinWriter

You can send your stories at any time, however, stories are only posted on Tuesdays, global time (so, as long as it’s Tuesday somewhere in the world, it should get posted). If you should miss the Tuesday deadline, send it in, anyway! We will do “Late Gems Edition” of posts at the end of every month to feature any stories which weren’t submitted in time.

You may now also send media with your submissions! But any and all submissions not listed under Creative Commons will be censored and banned, and the one submitting it without permission, consent and support of the original creator will be banned from all participation on Musae Mosaic for good.
No plagiarism will be tolerated anywhere on Musae Mosaic and the one participating in any plagiarism will be banned and booted off.

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