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Welcome to Musae Mosaic Magazine!

So, there’s a spark, huh? A little spark to share something maybe? To be a part of it? There’s a lot that can happen on Musae Mosaic, so stick around cos there might be something here just for you!
In this section, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the things you can do to share your words, stories and inspirations with Musae Mosaic.
We are dedicated to diversity and love the eclectic vibe we can find from so many different voices all sharing the many faces of the arts, and everything about them.
You will find our interests very wide and can encompass many kinds of arts. The one thing we look for is Story. If it tells a story, pitch us. We may love it too much to let it go! There’s something for everyone here and we want you to be part of it.


200 Word Tuesdays is our flash-fiction side! We are all about the quickest stories ever, 200 words only, and this runs on a bi-monthly basis. The first Tuesday of the month and the last Tuesday of the month. Two themes for this will be published at the beginning of every month and you can write on them or both of them at the same time, whatever gets the creative juices flowing.
To post your #200WT submission, attach you submission in the body of the email. No attachments, except for media if you choose it to accompany your submission.
Add your social network links (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, whatever and wherever you are) to the bottom of your submission.
The title of your submission must be in the SUBJECT of the email and please let us know if you intend your submission to be a standalone or a chain story. We support both.
If you choose to send media for your #200WT submission, we will only accept media listed under the Creative Commons, and any stolen media (media taken without permission and support of the creator) will result in a permanent ban from Musae Mosaic Magazine content furthermore.

#BookBabble Interviews:

Have you just released or are planning to release a new book in a matter of days or weeks? Do you know of anyone who fits the bill? Yes? Hiiii, we are #BookBabbleInterviews, and we would love to hear about your launch! This interview section is all about you, the Muse, and your amazing book, novella, or series. We would want to know about your inspirations, the themes explored, the characters and the road form writing to publication, your tips for authors in the same place and so much more.
The standard interview questions take nothing away from the #BookBabble experience, cos there’s only one you and there’s only one superstar book that you’ll be promoting. Your superstar book. If you have this project and you’re interested in sharing, well, we’re dying to hear from you and we’d love to know more!
If this fits everything about you, please contact info@musaemosaic.com with your book title, publication date and details, with the subject “BookBabble Query.” Someone will be in touch to know more and hopefully get the ball rolling on that!

Monday Author Interviews:

This is not #BookBabble, but it is awesome! These interviews are for the amazing peeps who’ve found this community and are active within it, (i.e, in #200WT, #FridayPhrases, #GuestPostsOnMM, etc,) and whom we want to get to know. While there is no personal pitching for this interview section, we will come to you and you are welcome to invite us to look into a super inspiring somebody you admire in this community! Taking place every Monday to make the beginning of the week a bit better and brighter, this is a wonderful way for you to get to know your community, and the amazing people around you.
If there’s someone you want us to interview, you can email us at info@musaemosaic.com with the subject line “MAI Ideas.” We read every email we get, so we will see your email, your list and we will look into your suggestions. By the way, if you do this, it counts as you taking part in the community, you could be getting an interview proposal too! Don’t forget to add your social media handles, and things so we can find you!


Guest Posting on Musae Mosaic is a huge thing, and being part of it makes you kinda like our heroes! This is where the community really shines through, taking part in this, and sharing things you find interesting with a beautiful audience all round the world. We are mostly interested in non-fiction for this feature and it must be able to appeal to a wide audience, this is the most important thing. We welcome multiple submissions and we will publish up to 3 guest posts a week, depending on the flow of submissions for this feature.
Your article must come with a cover letter, explaining the back story behind the article, what inspired it, and whether or not you are interested in follow-up articles and perhaps even more. If it goes to even more, we’d love to do a series of articles featuring YOU and this amazing topic you have, maybe a video interview and so on!
Be relatable, be inspiring, and have FUN. These are the most important things!
Guest Post – The Day I Threw My Laptop Into The Loo.
Fun, right? Just write to connect with people on a great, personal and amazing level.
To get a general idea, here are 15 topics we’re interested in featuring. You can expand on anything you see here, or more:
Ideas for posts that we might like and endorse:
1. The best blog posts you’ve read that pertain to a particular field of writing – provided with links, please.
2. Writers (authors, industry leaders, secret Zombie window washer perhaps) who inspire you and your work and why.
3. Resources for writers that you’d recommend and know how to use.
4. Best tutorials on a subject that might interest your audience.
5. Life events/choice/risks that have shaped who you are as an artist/writer/secret Zombie window washer and how that changed you.
6. What you have learned from disappointments in your artistic career.
7. What inspires you, or what makes you all drooling and rolling eyed mad (we will not publish rants, just informed essays, Zombie-induced or not).
8. If you’re an author, you can produce a series of articles that explore non-fiction topics you write about, or commonly found in written works.
9. Any step-by-step guide for some perplexing problem in any creative field you feel will be informative.
10. How to navigate a particular social media platform and how to build it.
11. Interview readers/ industry experts/other bloggers/writers/secret Zombie window washers/anyone you feel has something interesting to talk to us about.
12. Best Recipes for Fast Comfort Food so you can get back to writing!
13. Book reviews on the hottest new releases in the world, or anything that you really feel needs a fresh take!
14. Been to any writing retreats or event? Cons? Take a lot of photos and write about the experience! We’d love a look inside your personal experience with it all!
These ideas can be very quirky and interactive and very personal, as long as it always appeals to a wide demographic of artists and entertainers and would help enrich their artistic experience.
Be an inspiration.


Like we just read above, guest posting is a hero’s pastime here on Musae Mosaic, but what if we really just don’t have time to write this super involved piece? We break it up into smaller pieces, bite sized bits of brilliance to munch on the go! #QuickieColumns are no more than 500-600 words long and can be written on a multitude of topics. If there’s more to say, we’ll do a series of bite sized snippets! So cool! There’s really not much to this little feature, cos like, you can even just find the best tweets of a certain hashtag of some writerly nature, compile them with links to the original peeps and provide us all with some tidbits of tales and anecdotes! This feature is amazing fun, awesomely involving, keeps the community on its toes and keeps us wanting more.
If you’re interested, you can even become a regular columnist on this magazine and we will do frequent little mini-features with you!
There are a few content rules, as on this column, we are not writing for ourselves, we are writing for the readers.
All topics must be cleared with the editor before it can be published, as we are an integrative community and we support everyone, so it has to appeal to a wide range of people.
You will be bringing your own humor, your quirks, and your voice to your column, and we welcome that!
If this is something you feel you’re super interested in, email us via info@musaemosaic.com and we can discuss it further! Add the subject line “#QuickieQuery.” We will get back to you soon!

Special Stuff:

If you are super brave and have some things you want to say face-to-face, guess what? We love Live content and if you film a little vlog for us, topics of an inexhaustible nature, writing, inspiration, resources, funny experiences as a writer, interviews you do with your cat, your coffee cup, or other awesome artists, tons of things, we are happy to publish it on what will soon be the magazine’s MusaeTV page, dedicated to Live content by us and by you.
If you’re interested in doing a Live piece for the magazine, write to us at info@musaemosaic.com and tell us in detail what you want to talk about and we will pursue this as a matter of priority and chat more about what it’ll entail! Main thing to not be shy, cos we love your voice, we love you and we love shaking things up on the magazine!

Live Hosting Q&A’s: 
This will be done with the administrators of the magazine, but if you’re an expert in something, (content strategies for blogs, editing, publicity for books, publishing, characterizing, etc) we will be thrilled to do Live Q&A’s with you and add the content to MusaeTV, with full credit to you. This will be done on YouTube Live, Facebook, even Periscope and details can be discussed personally, but if there’s something you know a lot about that you think will be of value to us, let’s create an event out of it! Like a nice, big thing that can be enjoyed forever!
If that’s you, email us at info@musaemosaic.com. Let’s chat 😉

And if there’s something so special that you wanna do with us that’s not even on this list, write to us cos this sounds amazing and we’re dying to know what it is. Seriously. Not even kidding right now. Just write to us and let’s talk deetttaaaaiiilllsss!

How Soon Will I Hear From You?

We are swamped with a million and one things that make our magazine what it is, so we’re seriously busy but we’ll always make time for you!
Our response time will typically be between 1-2 weeks. If there’s still no word from us, check your spam folder.
If there’s still no reply and you’re ready to raise an angry mob, email us exclusively with the subject “You’re Late!” and we will address the query immediately! Word of honor!
Please know that this magazine is purely non-profit and we do not make a cent from what we do, thus we are not in a position to offer remuneration for any submitted and accepted works, despite the mutual effort of blood, sweat and tears that goes into the work we do.
Our inability to offer compensation does not reflect our ethics on the matter.

So! Inspired yet?

Obviously we adore you and we’re your hugest fan, so no matter in what way your contributions reach us, no matter in what form, we are all over it! Thank you so much for just being here. You are amazing and we love you. Always have and always will!
Also if you read this and none of it applies to you, but it does to SO MANY of your peeps, share it with them! We’d love to hear from them too!
Thank you for everything you do for us and more. This journey is impossible without you.

Love, hugs, and chocolate cake,
The Musae Mosaic Team