Submissions For Musae Mosaic!

Submitting to Musae Mosaic Magazine!

We accept short stories and poetry for both #S4S and #200WT, and for the other areas of Musae Mosaic that you feel we would be interested in. We often don’t know what we’re interested in until we see it. To submit your work for #S4S, email your content to
The email addresses used before ( and are now defunct.

In the subject of your email, list the intended use of your article, and the title of your submission, whatever it may be.

#200WT Story – The Muse and Me

Guest Post – The Day I Threw My Laptop Into The Loo.
We are interested in publishing non-fiction guest posts and articles, stories and interviews, to further our cause in growing and connecting with our amazing community and audience.
To get a general idea, here are 12 topics we’ll be interested in featuring. You can expand on anything you see here:

Ideas for posts that we might like and endorse:

1. The best blog posts you’ve read that pertain to a particular field of writing – provided with links, please.

2. Writers (authors, industry leaders, secret Zombie window washer perhaps) who inspire you and your work and why.

4. Resources for writers that you’d recommend and know how to use.

5. Best tutorials on a subject that might interest your audience.

6. Life events/choice/risks that have shaped who you are as an artist/writer/secret Zombie window washer and how that changed you.

7. What you have learned from disappointments in your art of choice.

8. What inspires you, or what makes you all drooling and rolling eyed mad (we will not publish rants, just informed essays, Zombie-induced or not).

9. If an author, you can produce a series of articles that explore non-fiction topics you write about, or commonly found in written works.

10. Any step-by-step guide for some perplexing problem in any creative field you feel will be informative.

11. How to navigate a particular social media platform and how to build it.

12. Interview readers/ industry experts/other bloggers/writers/secret Zombie window washers/anyone you feel has something interesting to talk to us about.

13. Best Recipes for Fast Comfort Food so you can get back to writing!

Things like that, you know? These ideas can be very quirky and interactive and very personal, as long as it always appeals to a wide demographic of artists and entertainers and would help enrich their arts.
Be an inspiration.
(Please note the interview suggestions and guidelines aforementioned are NOT included in the standard Monday interviews submitted.)

How Do I Actually Submit?

To send in your submission, email us at with the subject “Article Pitch.”

Articles/stories/anything must be sent in the body of the email.
Present a proposal on your piece, so we can get an idea of what you want to share with the world.
If we’re interested, we’ll then request the article.
If we accept your pitch, present your article with all your contact information on the document in the body of the email.
Please see that it does not exceed the maximum word count of 2,000 words.
We welcome simultaneous submissions, provided you present your pitch first and it is presented with all your details and a short summary of your vision.
All attachments will be deleted without reading, as they can be full of viruses and we won’t thank you for that!
How Soon Will You Get Back To Me?

We are swamped with a million and one things that make our magazine what it is, so we’re seriously busy but we’ll always make time for you!
Our response time will typically be between 1-2 weeks. If there’s still no word from us, check your spam folder.
If there’s still no reply and you’re ready to raise an angry mob, email us exclusively with the subject “You’re Late!” and we will address the query immediately! Word of honor!
Please know that this magazine is purely non-profit and we do not make a cent from what we do, thus we are not in a position to offer remuneration for any submitted and accepted works, despite the mutual effort of blood, sweat and tears that goes into the work we do.
Our stance on not being able to offer compensation does not reflect our ethics on the matter.