Welcome to the Muses Army!

Welcome to the #MusesArmy!
Now gather round the fire, for I have a take to tell.
In ancient days when lore told of the gods and goddesses roaming the earth, they told not many tales of the Muses.
They were nine in number, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, a goddess of memory, and each took to their name an art.
And when into great goddesses they had become, they came to earth to find the poets, the scribes, the painters, the sculptors and they never left.
They travelled from sea to sea, sometimes together, and sometimes apart and hid their names behind many others, becoming goddesses of great reverence in other lands.
They became the passionate artistic yearnings in Kings, and courts. They told great takes by the firesides of the commonfolk, and shared legend, lore and love for the arts aplenty.
So to earth from time immemorial, there was inspiration. And there were the Muses.
And thus all who invoked them became part of an army, fighting of the world with the wealth of the mind and imagination, in song, and poetry, in book and dance, in comedy and tragedy, and so much more.
The Muses Army lives to this day, whether you are poet, painter, singer or scribe.
And whether you knew it or not, you are part of that Army. We fight a foe called Life that will never be conquered, but we do so with our love of the arts, with a daring heart, with the courage of the great and mighty pen, the paintbrush, the song and the spirit.
We do not conquer this foe. We collaborate with it.
And now, we are what we at the Musae Mosaic will call the Heralds of that great and mighty Army. The Muses Army. And know that a great truth is known to you, you can join it!
In ancient times, an army of this magnitude would join in many ways, but you, in this day and age, have the ease of merely beginning with a Facebook Group!
The Muses would say unto you to not be put off for this, because greatness grows in unexpected places.
And greatness shall grow here like a garden tended to by the gods.
By invitation, come to this group and see where it leads you!
See where it leads and where you end up being!
In a world riddled with anger and ever growing dark, we the artists, the dreamers, the thinkers and the creators are at the head of an Army.
An Army that will fight the words of the fools with the songs of the free.
It starts with a little request … and from there on, it becomes a legend in and of itself.
Join our Army.
In a world where art is the way, we will need your help creating it.