Magical Beginnings: #FridayPhrases & #200WT!

“You can make anything by writing.”
― C.S. Lewis

Our amazing story, our evolution into Musae Mosaic began with Friday Phrases and 200 Word Tuesdays. Without these two features, our story would be unwritten. Time changes things, but these two parts of our magazine will remain the most true. Here are the things we first wrote bout #FridayPhrases and #200WT, when we just began this amazing journey 🙂

We all love Friday’s, right?
We have a weekend to look forward to, we have that beer at the end of the day that just takes the edge off the week, the pack of Doritos (the one that somehow survives the sudden horde of family members. Happens all the time)… and … we have #FP!
Friday Phrases!
Lemme tell you a quick story.
The story about #FP.
In September of 2013, Amy Good, a wonderful woman and a great friend, created #FP. Friday Phrases. For a year she ran it, and she made it amazing, giving a whole community a reason to love Friday’s. And with a few dedicated participants at first, they made it into what it is today. A multi-national weekly micro-fiction fiesta for all people with a 280-character story to tell.
And around November of 2014, Amy announced Friday Phrases was soon to come to an end due to changing circumstances.
Yes, I believe my (somewhat internal) reaction was something to this effect. I hate saying goodbye to things, and to have to bid farewell to Friday Phrases? That place that was like my online home, that was my haven, my safe place?
Heh, heh, no.
Couldn’t do it.
So I offered to take it up. The whole thing, I would do it. So A, I didn’t have to say goodbye to it. And B … so the world wouldn’t have to say goodbye to it, either!
And now, here it is, and it’s here to stay!
But as times and times went on, and the months aged into years, we came to obtain ownership of another beautiful word game, created by the wonderful @ReeDwithaBee!
And this game is, of course, 200 Word Tuesdays! From a story in a tweet … to 200 words of absolute brilliance, this is a miracle that we were very fortunate to be able to witness.
There is no happily ever after to this story, because this story will never end!
On Twitter every Friday, all day, no matter where in the world you are, we host that awesome micro-flashfic party.
This is where your nitty-gritty flash-fiction genius comes into being and thrives! This is where you tell us a story, good, short and powerful. This is where we blow you out of proportion just because you’re so amazing and you’re sharing those gems and you’re just freaking awesome, okay? Trust us on this one!
Just come, check it out.
Let the bug bite you.
It bit us and we’re still here, doing what we love, every step of the way!

From your Editor,
Lara Meone Savine

Welcome to 200 Word Tuesdays, a flash-fiction funfest on Musae Mosaic!
Started in early 2015, by the inimitable @ReeDwithaBee, it began as a small project to bring together writers in a small community to write and share stories of 200 Words apiece.
It began as a small place to serve the insatiable creative souls, and over time, it grew to be so much more than that. It brought us together, us ragtag group of writers, looking for somewhere to create!
It’s very close relationship with Musae Mosaic brought the magic into the new week and saw that it thrives after the dour doings of Monday … and oh, what the hell, our little slice of heaven here freakin’ rocks!
200 Word Tuesdays is a true labor of love, like everything we do in the world. Like #FP, the program will bring to light the joys and sorrows of the art we are in, and it is to celebrate an art form that is as powerful as a 100,000 word volume. It is to break the conditioned standard around the industry and support those trying to make a life from it! We exist to give writers a voice on a fresh, unbiased and inclusive platform and #200WT is another offering in that greater goal.
200 Word Tuesdays is about creativity. About sharing it and showing the world what power can be in just a few words.
After all, it was aptly and brilliantly said by Pablo Picasso:
Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ”
And also said was …
“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”
Dreams are so powerful.
And our dream is only to afford the same chances and opportunities to all authors with a will and help them make a way.
200 Word Tuesdays is part of the lil company that works tirelessly to bring artists all over the world together in the face of the insurmountable odds that seem to be against them.
When you join in and write, you help us make this future just a little more tangible every day!
One word at a time, we become a story that we hope will one day be told to inspire.
Now will you help us write it?
AAAAND with my bit said and done, it is my pleasure to introduce a few beautiful words offered by the creator of #200WT herself … @ReeDwithaBee!

Words By Ree!

Three people sat at the round table in a corner of the Space Bar. The older woman was the Memory-Keeper; the portly man was the Inscriber of Stories on Grains of Rice; and the third younger woman was the Bubble-Maker.
It was dark inside; cool and quiet. Outside, the world was its usual swirling brouhaha of engines, empty barrels, rattling keyboards and many, many voices.
“This is a simple tale,” said the Memory-Maker slowly. The Inscriber painstakingly collected her words onto the rice grains, which the Bubble-Maker captured and held suspended in little glass bubbles – between one and five grains in each bubble.
“That Tuesdays told twittering tales of 200 words to themes. A ReeDwithaBee started this telling in 2015. Many tales were shared – they were twisted; they had twists; they were tender and tenderly-told. They are worth finding and reading.
“The tellings would have ended a year later, but for the saving graces of the gorgeous GRAY Gals, who took on the hosting, storytelling and storysharing responsibilities.
“They share these stories still. Find them. Read them. Write your own. Share them. Little tales like these grains of rice, to fit so easily, deliciously into the palms of your hands.”
The bubbles were collected, strung together, and threaded through the twitter tree – for all to find and see.