About The Editor

Lara Meone Savine can best be described as a complicated mass of pizza, cheesecake, coffee and tea.
She enjoys 70’s music, long walks on the beach, and… and … oh, whatever to the good stuff, she says.
Lara has been the acting host of #FridayPhrases since December 2015 and of #200WT since 2016, and describes it as the “best decisions that she never remembers making,” and it has been a wonderful adventure ever since.

Although not published, she is the proud author of millions of unfinished novels and she loves them all insanely. She’s a two time champion of #NaNoWriMo and she won’t let her title slip easily, either, so of course, she had novels planned out for the next ten years every November.
She also thinks this is wonderfully cool, and not biting off more than she can chew at all.
While she is painfully aware that she seems like a dull person from the scarcity of interest in this bio, she assures you her jaw-dropping list of achievements will grow painfully past in the next few weeks and months and she politely asks you to stay for tea and see that happen.
In the meantime, she wishes that you have a wonderful time at Musae mosaic Magazine and that you open your well of words to all that is limitless within it.
Until next time, she says with a glint in her eye and a long, sly smile. Until next time …

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