About Musae Mosaic!

~ Welcome to Musae Mosaic Magazine ~

The Musae … named Calliope, Goddess of Epic Poetry. Clio, Goddess of History. Euterpe, Goddess of Music, song and Lyrical Poetry. Erato, Goddess of Love Poetry. Melpomene, Goddess of Tragedy. Polyhymnia, Goddess of Hymns. Terpsichore, Goddess of Dance. Thalia, Goddess of Comedy. And Urania, the Goddess of Astronomy.
The Muses are the fabric, the soul of all art, the guide of all artists, all part and parcel of a grand mosaic, perhaps, all connected and revered.


It has been from time immemorial, from the sculptors of fame, to the painters, to the composers, the dancers, the musicians, the writers, the dreamers and the world. They pass into legend, remembered for what they created when inspired by it and now, we have the right place to do just the same.
And so to our story!
It seems so long ago, and yet only yesterday that we took on #FridayPhrases and brought it into our world. And it changed our lives immediately. Suddenly, the art of micro-fiction became our way of life and that was wonderful!
But times changed and struggles arose. Struggles to keep things alive and together, as the GRAY Girls faced off many real life issues and health woes that depleted us completely and left very little time for us to devote to our beautiful community, who played #FP and #200WT and whom we love endlessly.
And that just broke our hearts.
So we cooked up a sustainability plan, one to keep what we loved with the people we loved and that turned out to be … the Musae Mosaic Magazine.
See, the Musae Mosaic is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of the #FridayPhrases and #200WordTuesdays projects, and were brought together to make a stronger world in one go.
Awesome, right??
The written word, and the ways we do it, it has always been our greatest passion and not easily would we have let that slide away.
So to keep what we loved, we recreated it!
And here we are!
With the great recreation come the many more things we’d like to include into this magazine. That includes your #FP’s. Your #200WT stories. Your interviews, articles, stories. Community interviews you do with each other, interviews we do with you, (yes, you. YOU are pretty awesome, you know that?) reviews for our community of writers and readers, and guest posts all around! AND SO MUCH MORE!
No word left forgotten!
Our vision, mission and way of life is to share the joys and the productivity in creativity, art and inspiration and bring you the best of all worlds! Enrich, enliven and enlighten is our thing and we only want to share that with you.
Now, share the Musae Mosaic Magazine with us.
For we shall do nothing but share what magic we have with you.
We’re going on an adventure!

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