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Thank You and Goodbye …

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / July 5, 2018

First things first … I am so, so sorry. I know we’ve around this block before. I wrote about, I asked about it, I tried powering on … I tried. But I can’t anymore. I have nothing left in me. I have tried for years to bring more people on board with this magazine, this […]


Share The Love: The Maggie Bowman Recovery Fund

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / July 2, 2018

Hello, all you beautiful people … it’s time for a little bit of love in the Musae Mosaic Universe 🙂 Over the last few years, we GRAY Girls really saw the ass-end of situations in life. In hospitals with health issues, in dark spaces, in depressions and throughout all of that, we have been so […]


Double Trouble #200WT for June & July!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 10, 2018

So! A few weeks ago, you know, things were looking a little down for Musae Mosaic. I was considering laying it all to rest and focusing my energies on other things that could make this thing called life an adventure, but after a period of heavy consideration … it turned out that I loved this […]


We Are Here: An Update and More

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 4, 2018

Hello, world and a very happy Monday to you! We hope it’s the beginning of a lovely week! So the purpose of this post is to update you on the developments since our last post, To Believe or not to Believe? It’s been a very eventful weekend for us, a lot of planning, a lot […]


To Believe or not to Believe; Our next step.

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 31, 2018

Hello, wonderful people of the world! Today is a day of huge introspection for me, because today I was thinking of my monumental to-do-list for this weekend alone, and I was mentioning some of it to someone I know. Their response was, how come you do so much and nothing ever comes of it? Truth […]


May 2018 #200WT Themes!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 2, 2018

This week began weird. Like the first two days, I was still out of my mind with a fever and stomach bug and it’s so confusing, cos in the worst of it, it’s like you’re dead but you’re flying, you’re hot but you’re cold and you’re human but like also an archer, about to strike […]


Double Trouble 2-Months of #200WT!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / March 16, 2018

Welcome to the double trouble two months of #200WT! It’s been a hard, insane, and nutso couple of weeks and months but we’re not gonna go into it! We’re talking about the future now. In everything that’s been happening and not been happening, we’ve been working hard on a ton of things and it’s all […]


February #200WT Themes

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / February 3, 2018

February has come! We’ve made it through January relatively unscathed and … it feels good! Yeah! Anyway, with an amazing month of #200WT’s in our pocket, we have a beautiful month ahead! And so, the themes are … HOT & SWEATY & TIME WILL TELL! It’s February. Month of all le amour, but … it […]


#MyFPNominee Guidelines and Information

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / January 16, 2018

Hello, and welcome to the #MyFPNominee Project page! So why does Monday have to be all so terrible, right? For some years now, we’ve been running the Monday Author Interview program and sharing it with a worldwide audience to kind of alleviate the horror of a Monday. And we want that to grow and grow, […]


Get Ready to Get Going!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / January 15, 2018

Hellooooo, world and … Happy Monday! I don’t know if such a thing as a happy Monday exists, but if it does, a very Happy Monday to you all. I hope it’s a good, strong and mega-productive week and that the crap stays at an all time low! We never know, it can happen! Anyways! […]

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