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Musae Mosaic is the place where writers come to replenish the creative spirit with an amazing community of artists of all kinds! Everything we do is a celebration and a place to find a new creative family!


Long Awaited #200WT Edition!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 20, 2017

And here we are again! Sometimes … being at the helm of something as new as Musae Mosaic feels like swimming against the current, and progress is slower than a snail’s pace, but even the snail gets somewhere. Rationing time among my many duties both online and physical, for lack of better word, it takes […]


Unique voices with @MadQueenStorm!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 19, 2017

  I’m 47, a single mom with 2 grown boys of whom I’m very proud. My youngest is on the Autism Spectrum, and getting him through school was a battle royale, but we were blessed to live in a school district with extraordinary teachers who worked tirelessly to support him, teach him, guide him, and […]



By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 8, 2017

Hello, everyone! Wow, are we running late with everything today. Literally everything. Can’t imagine why, I mean, we did only wake up at the crack of dawn to get things done … *shrugs* Anyways, better late than never! Be that as it may, we’re gonna have to keep this reeeaall short, cos I have an […]


Magical moment with @Megan_Cutler!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 5, 2017

  I was raised in a small town in central Pennsylvania. For as long as I can remember, books have been a part of my life. I took them with me to the playground in grade school. I met some of my best friends because they shared my bookish passions. And I used to race […]


The Very Best Of Dark Ages!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 1, 2017

I tell ya, time waits for no one, and where the time in this week has gone, I don’t know! But so far, it’s been an amazing journey and the first real week on #MusaeMosaic has had its victories and minor defeats … but life and this job, it’s all a work in progress, right? […]


#200WT Medley Edition

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 30, 2017

What a marathon it has been this week … it feels like Thursdays. And it’s not, it’s only TUESDAY. What devilry it is, I know not, but we shall persevere! In the meantime, on to the bigger picture. The bigger picture is hard to pain at times. In my head, I have a clear vision […]


Welcome To Musae Mosaic!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 22, 2017

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Musae Mosaic Magazine. Wow. I never thought, in over a year now, that I’d see this day! Having obsessed over this for so long, it was something of a miracle that we even got here at all. But we have, and we’re never leaving again. Now for a few things to […]

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