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Musae Mosaic is the place where writers come to replenish the creative spirit with an amazing community of artists of all kinds! Everything we do is a celebration and a place to find a new creative family!


Lately Great and Glorious #200WT Edition!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 8, 2018

What a week … I have my worries because every fortnight, the electricity goes off due to cable theft … to think I might not be able to publish this today is unthinkable! Must get thought out of head before I jinx it!So, what a week, back to that, yes. It’s been wildly weird, and […]


Imagination to its Limit With @GretchenTuronek!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 7, 2018

Hi, I’m Gretchen! I write a little bit of everything, but am narrowing my genre focus to fantasy. I’m a Pisces that actually does enjoy walking on the beach at night, cat person, tea drinker, trumpet player, and reader. MM: What do you love most about writing? What speaks to you?  GT: The fact that […]


May 2018 #200WT Themes!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 2, 2018

This week began weird. Like the first two days, I was still out of my mind with a fever and stomach bug and it’s so confusing, cos in the worst of it, it’s like you’re dead but you’re flying, you’re hot but you’re cold and you’re human but like also an archer, about to strike […]


Double-Trouble #200WT Edition 1:

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / April 19, 2018

Hi, everyone! Hello, world! What an amazing thing it is to be here again! Every now and then, favors graces us and we have enough stories to put up a #200WT edition. More often than not, we don’t, but … it makes days like these a gift. And it’s a gift we do not plan […]


Seal the Deal with @anna_chant!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / April 16, 2018

  I am a writer and mother of three boys from South Devon, UK. I discovered historical fiction in my teens and fell in love with the past. At different times I’ve loved different eras from the ancient Greeks to the suffragettes but my current love is for the early medieval period, often known as […]


Monday Moods with @madeleine_deste!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / April 2, 2018

I’m Madeleine D’Este, writer, reviewer and podcaster from Melbourne. I write speculative fiction with an element of mystery. My steampunk cosy mystery novella series The Antics of Evangeline is available on all good ebook platforms, featuring the feisty and resourceful Evangeline solving strange mysteries in colonial Melbourne. I also host a podcast called Write Through […]


Magic and More with @MoriKaithor!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / March 19, 2018

Hei! I’m Mori Kaithor, I’m French and I’m currently a student in book publishing. I would love to become a full time writer in the future but otherwise I’ll be content with being able to do it just as a passion. I’m trying to pick up as many skills as I can but I’m often […]


Double Trouble 2-Months of #200WT!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / March 16, 2018

Welcome to the double trouble two months of #200WT! It’s been a hard, insane, and nutso couple of weeks and months but we’re not gonna go into it! We’re talking about the future now. In everything that’s been happening and not been happening, we’ve been working hard on a ton of things and it’s all […]


The @Lord_Stabdagger Super Special #200WT Edition

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / February 20, 2018

The last couple of weeks have been hard. Hard and full of potential, and full of work. But its beginning to come together and in a big way. To illustrate this perfectly …we’ve been keeping a kind of huge secret from the world for the last year and a half. And this is the first […]

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