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Musae Mosaic is the place where writers come to replenish the creative spirit with an amazing community of artists of all kinds! Everything we do is a celebration and a place to find a new creative family!


Magic and More with @MoriKaithor!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / March 19, 2018

Hei! I’m Mori Kaithor, I’m French and I’m currently a student in book publishing. I would love to become a full time writer in the future but otherwise I’ll be content with being able to do it just as a passion. I’m trying to pick up as many skills as I can but I’m often […]


Double Trouble 2-Months of #200WT!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / March 16, 2018

Welcome to the double trouble two months of #200WT! It’s been a hard, insane, and nutso couple of weeks and months but we’re not gonna go into it! We’re talking about the future now. In everything that’s been happening and not been happening, we’ve been working hard on a ton of things and it’s all […]


The @Lord_Stabdagger Super Special #200WT Edition

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / February 20, 2018

The last couple of weeks have been hard. Hard and full of potential, and full of work. But its beginning to come together and in a big way. To illustrate this perfectly …we’ve been keeping a kind of huge secret from the world for the last year and a half. And this is the first […]


February #200WT Themes

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / February 3, 2018

February has come! We’ve made it through January relatively unscathed and … it feels good! Yeah! Anyway, with an amazing month of #200WT’s in our pocket, we have a beautiful month ahead! And so, the themes are … HOT & SWEATY & TIME WILL TELL! It’s February. Month of all le amour, but … it […]


Terrifying Talents #200WT Edition!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / January 23, 2018

Well, what a Tuesday it has been so far! A lot has been happening and I am so excited about the next couple of days. The next couple of days, I think, are going to be some of the most exciting make-or-break days of our future and we’re at this point where we’re just saying […]


Magical Things #200WT Edition

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / January 16, 2018

Wow. This is such an exciting day! I could scream! I literally could SCREAM! I have to say, life and work is a balance so often lost in the mires of mediocrity and sometimes, it’s like a mud that drags your feet down deeper and deeper and one can’t escape it all the time but […]


#MyFPNominee Guidelines and Information

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / January 16, 2018

Hello, and welcome to the #MyFPNominee Project page! So why does Monday have to be all so terrible, right? For some years now, we’ve been running the Monday Author Interview program and sharing it with a worldwide audience to kind of alleviate the horror of a Monday. And we want that to grow and grow, […]


Get Ready to Get Going!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / January 15, 2018

Hellooooo, world and … Happy Monday! I don’t know if such a thing as a happy Monday exists, but if it does, a very Happy Monday to you all. I hope it’s a good, strong and mega-productive week and that the crap stays at an all time low! We never know, it can happen! Anyways! […]


Fantasia #200WT Edition

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / January 9, 2018

After weeks and months of no #200WT … today is a personal victory for me. Despite the huge thunderstorms we had that knocked the electricity out! It would have been a nightmare, to let something as loved as 200 Word Tuesdays. This was the beautiful creation of @ReeDwithaBee, and entrusted to us, and now it’s […]

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