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Musae Mosaic is the place where writers come to replenish the creative spirit with an amazing community of artists of all kinds! Everything we do is a celebration and a place to find a new creative family!


Thank You and Goodbye …

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / July 5, 2018

First things first … I am so, so sorry. I know we’ve around this block before. I wrote about, I asked about it, I tried powering on … I tried. But I can’t anymore. I have nothing left in me. I have tried for years to bring more people on board with this magazine, this […]


Share The Love: The Maggie Bowman Recovery Fund

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / July 2, 2018

Hello, all you beautiful people … it’s time for a little bit of love in the Musae Mosaic Universe 🙂 Over the last few years, we GRAY Girls really saw the ass-end of situations in life. In hospitals with health issues, in dark spaces, in depressions and throughout all of that, we have been so […]


Ocean of Life with @KarinaLawrence!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 25, 2018

When I was seven years old I decided when I grew up I would be an artist and an author, I still haven’t changed my mind. For a long while art was my main squeeze, I took art lessons as a kid and went to an art college for a year. Circumstances changed when I […]


Living Art Every Day with @EdiesHaven!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 11, 2018

An ADHD-riddled mother of three, who can’t help the one-liners, writing started as something to help my brain settle and became a passion. I’m obsessed with the supernatural and paranormal. I don’t believe but I want to! MM: What do you love most about writing? What speaks to you? KW: Everybody said to write the […]


Double Trouble #200WT for June & July!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 10, 2018

So! A few weeks ago, you know, things were looking a little down for Musae Mosaic. I was considering laying it all to rest and focusing my energies on other things that could make this thing called life an adventure, but after a period of heavy consideration … it turned out that I loved this […]


We Are Here: An Update and More

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 4, 2018

Hello, world and a very happy Monday to you! We hope it’s the beginning of a lovely week! So the purpose of this post is to update you on the developments since our last post, To Believe or not to Believe? It’s been a very eventful weekend for us, a lot of planning, a lot […]


Purposefully Poetic with @Clydesdale8!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / June 4, 2018

I haven’t written any books yet, but I have 2 blogs. One of them is poetry and the others flash fiction. I am just starting out. For most of my life, I wasted my time and talent (for messy personal reasons I won’t go into here). I worked a variety of jobs: restaurant, pet store, […]


To Believe or not to Believe; Our next step.

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 31, 2018

Hello, wonderful people of the world! Today is a day of huge introspection for me, because today I was thinking of my monumental to-do-list for this weekend alone, and I was mentioning some of it to someone I know. Their response was, how come you do so much and nothing ever comes of it? Truth […]


World of Creation with @khubbard91!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 28, 2018

Hi! I’m K E Hubbard, a native Ohioan and a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan, despite the fact that they haven’t won a game in two years. When I’m not doing research and development for my day job in emergency management, I’m writing fiction. I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, […]


#GuestPostsOnMM with @musedcynosure!

By musaemosaic_xzj0yw / May 27, 2018

  “I’m a carbon-based bipedal life form descended from an ape.” -Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy)   People generally know me as “Sabby”. For pocket money, I have a day job of an engineer. By the evening, I transform into a guy who is “Jack of many trades, master of none”. I’m not […]

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