Share The Love: The Maggie Bowman Recovery Fund

Hello, all you beautiful people … it’s time for a little bit of love in the Musae Mosaic Universe 🙂
Over the last few years, we GRAY Girls really saw the ass-end of situations in life. In hospitals with health issues, in dark spaces, in depressions and throughout all of that, we have been so blessed. Blessed to know the most wonderful people on planet Earth, blessed to know people who have helped us through the worst times … it gave us strength to do so much. And it has been our dream for so long to in some way repay the many, many kindnesses we we’re shown …
Today I have an opportunity to do something just like that. I get to offer something I have to a very special and wonderful human being, one of my best friends and one of the most beautiful people this world will ever see. I am, of course, talking about @bobbibowwoman.

I won’t tell her story. I will share her words with you, and it would mean the world to me if any spare penny could go to helping Maggie Bowman make her recovery. Family is the only true thing I have to fight for in life, and this platform, Musae Mosaic … it was built on the love between a family. Not just me, my mom, my sisters … but also each and every single one of you who’ve been with us from the beginning and whom I love with all my heart.
I hope that sharing this brings another beautiful family some peace, and I hope I can call upon you to share this post, and share this fundraiser. Share it and spread as much love as we can for this family. It never ceases to amaze me, the magic that can be made by a community. Please help me spare a little bit of that magic for @bobbibowwoman and her family. Help me spread a magic the world truly needs 🙂 Please help me spread some love. For this family who needs it …

Now for the story in @bobbibowwoman‘s words …

For full details regarding the Maggie Bowman Recovery Fund, click on the image to go to the fundraiser page. Widgets don’t like me and I couldn’t embed the details into this post. I beg forgiveness. Don’t forget to share this post and the fundraiser! Thank you for everything! 

Lara and the GRAY Girls,

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