Double Trouble #200WT for June & July!

So! A few weeks ago, you know, things were looking a little down for Musae Mosaic. I was considering laying it all to rest and focusing my energies on other things that could make this thing called life an adventure, but after a period of heavy consideration … it turned out that I loved this too much to let it go, and that’s why it’s not going anywhere.
So yaaaay for that, but there’s still a long ways to go before we can make this everything that it can be. A lot had to change and there are more changes still to come, the magnitude of which freaks me out in huge ways because I’m seriously stepping out of my comfort zone here!
But life is, as always, an adventure, and who am I to deny adventure, right?

But anyways … this #200WT theme announcement comes with a little note or two on the future of the feature. We’re experimenting with ways we can grow, and this feature is part of that, so for the foreseeable future, we’re going to be publishing it bi-monthly only, and using the rest of the time to find and write the juiciest stories we can so there’s more to sink your teeth into 🙂
We hope this will give you more time to write and share your stories with the world.
For June and July, we will also be running a Double Trouble 2 months of #200WT, such as it was with April and May, (I think) so FOUR themes for the next few weeks! Oh yeah! Set the creative juices on fire, baby!
And now that you know the certain changes coming to #200WT, time to announce the themes!

The June #200WT themes are:




Aaaaand with June spoken for, the #200WT themes for July are




I hope these themes inspire some truly amazing things! I know I’ll be writing up a storm for the first time in ages and I can’t wait to share new things with you all and just get to all the great things planned for Musae Mosaic!
Until then, may the Muses be fair to thee!

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