We Are Here: An Update and More

Hello, world and a very happy Monday to you!
We hope it’s the beginning of a lovely week!
So the purpose of this post is to update you on the developments since our last post, To Believe or not to Believe?
It’s been a very eventful weekend for us, a lot of planning, a lot of thought, a lot of idea. A lot of uncertainties.
For those of you who missed the To Believe or not to Believe post, we asked what it meant to you, this magazine, and how would you feel if it weren’t running anymore, among many other things.
90% of the response was NOOO, PLEASE DON’T GOOOO!
At the same time, there were a lot of you who privately expressed your disinterest in this project, so there was a lot to consider. A lot.
And in the end, weighing every decision the way I have, with a lot of support along the way, we chose on the future of Musae Mosaic Magazine, with all the games and activities included.
We’ve decided to stay.
This decision didn’t come easily, because there are still a few mountains to climb before we are anywhere near to encompassing the vision we have for this magazine, and that vision, creating an international safe space for authors, a place of support, of sharing, caring and more, can only happen with you being part of this community, being part of what we want to achieve. As always, you are at the core of everything this magazine is about.
I want to thank you all, each and every single one of you, for being so supportive of this magazine. For being part of everything we do, for being the voice of who we are and what we are trying to give to the world.
We could not have come this far without you.
We couldn’t have gone past our first year without you and we have. You are our motivation in everything we do and try for this magazine, you are our reason for being here.
Thank you.
We want to be there for you for years and years to come. We want to be there for you throughout the thick and thin of the future, and we want to see you create every single beautiful thing you’ve ever dreamt of.
That is why, we will stay.

What Happens Next …

What happens next is largely up to you. Some months ago, in a similar place of desperation to just grow, we wanted to introduce something called the MMVP, or a voluntary program of sorts to bring people together and write things together for the magazine, share content, share audiences, reach people and that didn’t work out. We’re not bringing it back, but there are other things you can do if you want to be involved, in any capacity you desire.
We are here.

The focus of this magazine is the written word, but we want to be able to share this magic with artists telling stories with anything. Songs, paintings, sculptors, foodies, filmmakers, actors, anything with anyone who has a flair for the creative life.
We want to reach out to anyone with a story to tell, and if it’s a story you want to tell and share on our magazine, we are here. We are open. All day, all week, all month, every day of the year, you can share any story you want the world to read.
We are here.

You can be even more involved; this project is non-profit, and we would love to be able to share monetary recompense for team members in an administrative role, and one day soon, that can be more than possible, but until then, more will again be a contract of faith. Even in this role, activities will be shared and evened out, so it doesn’t overwhelm anyone. So that it stays what’s most important. FUN.
Things here will include sharing your thought pieces, reviews, reaching out to interesting people you find online on a multitude of platforms, interviewing the people you’re interested in, featuring your books, articles, interesting snippets you want the world to know. Cultivating our social media presence and creating relationships with the many amazing people we could all reach together.
There are so many things we can do together, and again, you control the time you want to spend on it, you choose what you want to do, you have all the power here, but all the passion too.
We are here.

We are here for anything and everything you want to do with us. We are dedicated to you. That is our essence and our truth.
Regardless of everything we hope you’ll be doing with us from here on out, we are still going to do everything we can to give you the best experience we can with what we have and the time we can pour into Musae Mosaic.
Thank you for sticking with us for so long.
We are here. And we will never leave.

The Musae Mosaic Team

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Musae Mosaic is the place where writers come to replenish the creative spirit with an amazing community of artists of all kinds! Everything we do is a celebration and a place to find a new creative family!

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