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“I’m a carbon-based bipedal life form descended from an ape.”
-Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy)


People generally know me as “Sabby”.
For pocket money, I have a day job of an engineer. By the evening, I transform into a guy who is “Jack of many trades, master of none”. I’m not an expert and never took any training but as a hobby, I’m into photography, sketching, painting. Also I know few dance forms. In the free time, either I read or go for running. Once in a while, I like to participate in marathons.
I started scribbling about 9 years back when I joined college. It all started as I wasn’t much of chit-chat guy, not that I am right now either, so that’s when I started visiting my college library after classes and rest is history since then.

Why you do what you do and why it inspires you so much?
Umm… I feel it’s more of a call from within. I’ve tried writing articles or creatives occasionally, but never got the kick. Somehow along-with other things, I started composing and poetry, and that’s when I realized that people are reaping the same message I wanted to convey but with the poetry, it was more like they’re adapting the essence of it in their own way. In an article, what writer says is conveyed directly. However, in poetry, reader has a job to decipher the meaning in his/her own way and not the way a poet wants it to; because it is pretty much the case that ups and downs in the readers life is different from those of a person who wrote it. But final message everyone needs can be similar.
I think that explains the weapon of my choice. Plus it’s beautiful throughout.
Another reason I love writing poetry is because it is never perfect but still it gives you a sense of completeness and perfection.

How you choose your topics?
To be honest, this is still a mystery I’m trying to unravel. It has either been an inspiration from a random thought from my mind or inspired from the life of people around me. Basically it can be a random sketch that I’ve drawn on which I wrote a poem, www.musedcynosure.com/2016/02/his-futile-anxiety. Some other times, it was inspired from a photograph I took, www.musedcynosure.com/2015/09/dawn.
There were times I’ve been in discussion with a random group, like once the discussion was on dark erotica and later I came up with few lines, www.musedcynosure.com/2016/09/deaths-desires. So the pattern is pretty random to conclude at any single point.

How it inspires your life and life of people around you?
I’ve a curious mind and as a result I end up exploring a lot. One of my hobbies is to find the link between 2 or more things and try to build something new from them. Writing poetry has helped me in providing that link. Be it photography or a sketch or a painting, one can describe them in rhythmic manner. As a result, I’ve been successful in learning lot of things on my own. I think this is what has kept me motivated for a long time “a desire to learn something new”.
Every once in a while, my hobbies have inspired few friends to break the barrier they’re afraid of and look at the world with new pair of eyes. Believe me, this can be therapeutic too. My marathon journey started because of similar reasons. Right now I know 3 friends, who have started running marathons with me on regular basis. One of my friend started learning Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Can you name someone you admire in your field? Anyone you think we’d love to know about?
Before naming the person, I’d like to tell another secret of my life. I’m pretty much of a nerd with high interest in mathematics and physics. Even few of my friends call me real life replica of “Leonard Hofstadter” from the series “The Big Bang Theory”. The hobbies I mentioned are just a distraction for me when I won’t be doing what I really love to do, i.e., exploring mysteries of nature via science.
Anyway, so coming back to the original question. There are 2 person whom I admire the most from my field. First one is Richard Feynman, who was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics. Second one is Elon Musk, founder of PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, Hyperloop, etc. The list is pretty big and I won’t bore you with all such stuff.
What people don’t know that both of them have a very versatile personality. They have taught me how to learn new things on the go and apply them in your life. I’d like to quote one random quality of both of them as an example of their versatile nature. Richard Feynman might be known for his contributions in Physics, but rarely anyone knew that he was an amazing bongo player too. Similarly, Elon Musk has combined his skills to come up with many new tech marvels which people wouldn’t have thought of 10 years ago.
So, when I look at these legends, they inspire me to cultivate the creative side of me, acting as a boost to make me do, what I do, the way I do.

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