Lately Great and Glorious #200WT Edition!

What a week … I have my worries because every fortnight, the electricity goes off due to cable theft … to think I might not be able to publish this today is unthinkable! Must get thought out of head before I jinx it!So, what a week, back to that, yes. It’s been wildly weird, and exciting for a myriad of reasons but the most exciting by far is my interview! Yup, that’s right! It was my first ever interview and it was done for @madeleine_deste’s awesome podcast Write Through The Roof!
I was nervous, I’m not gonna lie, and I laughed way too much. I didn’t know I was that gigglesome. Like not at all.
And then the K-Pop thing … yeah, I’m not even gonna deny it, K-Pop is freakin’ awesome and my soul basically revolves around it now, I have become a fangirl to the death, and I don’t know who I am anymore, but it’s the best things EVAH!
I’m not gonna give away all the best things so if you want to find out just how crazy I am, give the interview a listen and then follow the podcast series, cos it’s seriously good!

Word Games, Hypnotherapy, and K-Pop

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And now … to #200WT!
My resolution to publish everything we got for #200WT has been tested. I mean, amidst cable theft and a sudden, weird illness, there just hasn’t been time to go around with it. It was very stressful.
Today, however, we’re honoring what was said and so … here we are, with an edition of three juicy stories to go around and more Tuesdays in this month and beyond to satisfy all the ravenous readers! It is my immense pleasure to share with you today … the Lately Great and Glorious #200WT Edition!
Please share this edition as much as you can and let’s give these two amazing authors some love! 🙂


The Other Side
By Eleanor Evans-Dinsmore 

I can’t go on anymore. I’m lost, starving, stumbling through the trees, wet earth clinging to my clothes. My face is sweating, burning hot, even though the thick coils of smoke freezes the world around me like nitrogen.
I can’t continue running. Either they find me, or I’d succumb to the elements. Either way, death lingers. I can’t feel my legs; they’ve carried me so far up the mountain. I can’t hear anything. I don’t see them. I collapse into mossy earth around me, soft and rich with rain and I drink the last of my water, last few drops hopelessly falling off my lips.
I need food.
If I want to live, I’ll need strength, I think. Another river must be crossed and the current will sweep me away if I do not have strength to beat it. Using my gun to hunt will give me away, and so will building a fire.
Hunger is the last wall of humanity and naked survival, I thought. I swallow my despair and exhaustion and trek on. My eyes are blurring. The hunger pangs are excruciating, and my ribs are burning.
But I stop still suddenly. I can smell it. It’d been there for some time, by the stench, but my head turns frantically and I run.

Part 2:

The low branches whip my arms and face, but I run with only one thing in my mind.
I feel feral.
I hear the exertion from running come out in guttural growls and whines, as I follow my nose. It’s my only compass here in the wilderness.
I’m so consumed by looking for it that I almost fall over it. I rip away the grasses and moss covering it … and I gaze at it, at the sunken eyed elk, body crawling in maggots and creatures. I don’t care; it’s the first flesh I’ve seen in weeks. Bracing myself and hunkering down, I tear away at the rotten layers of flesh with long fingernails and stuff the putrefied meat down my throat, appeasing the aching monster my starvation has become. I taste it, the fetid foulness, but it doesn’t even register. I don’t care that I’m swallowing the maggot’s whole, I just eat. My hands are oozing with the rancid fluids of death, but I devour until my stomach feels as though it’d burst.
I eat until I feel … human again. Human enough to comprehend disgust at what I’ve done.
But not enough. Survival will make animals of us, and the other side is as grim as humanity.
I grin contemptuously at the dead animal, and turn away.

Author: Eleanor Evans-Dinsmore
Twitter: @TheDinsmoreGal


The Curse

By Lady Stabdagger

The anticipation was so great she could almost taste it. The ending was in sight. Months of hard work have all been leading up to this very moment. She was practically on the edge of her seat. All her planning as about to pay off. She might for once hit her own personal deadline rather than only just finishing it in the nick of time and only having a half hearted ending. Her fingers rhythmically hit the keys on her keyboard; She had found her flow and nothing was going to stop her now. Her clock in her bedroom was ticking away seemingly matching her pace. She played the victory scene out in her head when she could finally turn her project in early and celebrate the fact that she had finished a novel for once that was of a standard she wanted. The image began to fade in her mind. The edges of her victory scene became fizzy. A familiar sensation came over her. Her fingers slowed down their pace.

“No, not now. It can’t end like this. I know the ending for sure this time. This can’t be happening again. I just need to fill in the blanks.”
It was no use. She had been hit by the curse once again. She had gotten writer’s block.

Author: Lady Stabdagger
Twitter: @ladystabdagger 

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