#200WT January Themes are here!

I have been waiting a very long time to say these words …
2018 has begun and the new #200WT themes are here! Whoop whoop!
So without further ado … the themes are …




Think bright and weird for fantasy, and wipe the slate clean for an amazing new year! Seriously, for Flight of Fantasy, think weird! Make the Oooh’s and Aaaah’s as loud as they can be, and make your fans wild for your words!
So get writing!
Cos, you know, writing as absolutely awesome and so are you and that’s kinda like a match made in heaven, so …we seriously can’t wait to explore your awesomeness again!
We are also welcoming any media (must be licensed under CC0 Creative Commons) that you wish to submit with your story, to paint a bigger picture of your story. (No more than 2 media files per submission.)
In the meantime, a fabulous month of January to you and we hope to see your stories on every edition of #200WT in 2018!

Lara and the Team,

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