Happy 2018 ~ A New Year Letter

2018 has begun!
Wow. I never thought I’d make it. Never. 2017 has been rough, and no one can deny it. I mean this time last year, Adele S. Gray was hospitalized for a host of health issues and it took months from our lives to bounce back from that. We still haven’t, actually! At the same time, Vic was diagnosed with PCOS, and months went into fixing that, and then when a sense of equilibrium was established, I got sick what I still don’t know what, and then I was in the hospital for four days, I think … it was a harrowing year. HARROWING.
But amidst all the drama, the health, the finances that had to go in to repairing that, Adele and I got our amazing education. We finished conceptualizing a project that has taken more than three years to do, from start to finish. We set resolutions and intentions, and this is the year we succeed in our health, our finances, our futures, everything that had been so painfully lacing in the last few years.
And invariably part of that vision, is the future and the stability of Musae Mosaic. In the last few years, with life being as challenging as it was, it was very hard to dedicate ourselves as wholly as we wanted to with Musae Mosaic, to the #FP community and the longevity of it all … and oh god, how much we wanted to be. It was just beyond us, surviving as we were. And it cost us a lot throughout the years, I mean, all the anthologies that we wanted to make happen, all the competitions, all the everything!
I am not going to promise anything anymore. I don’t know what this year holds in store, I have no sway over time, place and circumstance, but I do know that hope is restored on many personal levels and my heart is in this magazine, in making it what it can be and I will not desert it. So come what may, I will not desert my promises or my obligations.
Instead, I will fulfill them to the best of my ability. This avowal is echoed by the GRAY Girls around me, you know. We all have a motive, a desire to make this year work on all levels, and it will. Because it has to. Because crashing and burning is simply not an option anymore.
And so, with all said and done, we want to wish you a happy new year. We want to tell you that everything on Musae Mosaic is going to be okay, and it’s going to grow stronger. Maybe not overnight, but there is nothing that will stop us from succeeding now.
Hell may freeze over, pig can go on and fly, and we will still be there.
Succeeding, loving it and sharing every second of it with all of you.
Happy New Year!

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