Thank You For 2017!

Hi, everyone!

So … our radio silence, huh? Again …
Well, it’s the same old story. Hard times hit and we hustle, and this time we had to hustle hard. We still are, and we seem to be getting things done … but just not fast enough 🙂
As a family, a rough time like this means not only one person struggles, we all do. And it’s a huge test of strength and family togetherness when we all have to battle our stuff together, and we are. Amidst a fresh wave of financial struggles, and studying and exams that have to be done, and so many things …
We simply can’t work on all fronts at the same time. And that’s why, in the thick of things, Musae Mosaic has been so neglected.
It’s sometimes so amusing and actually juts painful to think of all we want to do for the magazine, you know, the heights to which we want to take it and here we are, struggling just to stay above the breadline for one thing and actually find time and energy to give to something we love so much for another … but nothing’s changed. We still want to make it happen. We really, seriously do. But life is a human struggle and as this magazine is not run by bots, we have had to take a step back before everything became too much and it imploded forever.
We hope to have our stuff in line by the end of this awful, awful year. We hope to have forged a new way ahead, made a fresh plan for the life we live, regained the will and the energy to just keep swimming …
So while it may be a hard time, and while our step back meant the utter neglect of everything here … we will be back, all of us GRAY’s, stronger than before.
We don’t have anything except our hope and our efforts, so we are treating this new, fresh clean slate as a last chance. It’s now or never.
And we hope to do everything we’ve failed at before better than all of us can imagine, at this point.
So it’s a few more weeks of this horrible year and then it’s over and it can be forgotten. The Musae Mosaic magazine will remain silent until the New Year, and we will return stronger. This magazine will return stronger.
We will begin living again … because in the wake of this year, with all the hell, all the health issues, the studying, the struggling, everything, we have nothing left but the hope and faith that next year is a turning table, and as broken as everything is now, it can somehow be mended.
The #FP game every Friday will go on as usual, but any activity on the magazine will be suspended for the time being.
We will still send our requests for Monday Author Interviews and we will compile it all for a new lease on the magazines life in the year to come.
Thank you everyone for the endless, endless love and support this year. You can’t imagine what it means to us here. Thank you for everything.
Every debt of kindness that has been given we hope to repay in the months to come.
Until then, you have our endless love and gratitude, because we are utterly lost without you all and your friendship mean more to us than you may ever know.
See you all on the other side!

Lara and Adele

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