November #200WT Themes

Hello, all you awesome people! Wow, November arrived with a big bang, didn’t it? I always look forward to this month of the year, because of this amazing overflow of #NaNoWriMo words and writers. I get so inspired to write every time this month rolls around. And so, in honor of this amazing month and #NaNoWriMo2017, the themes for this month are …





In this month, you can in 200 words, submit any excerpt from your NaNo WIP for #200WT and Charms and Amulets … both or just one of them, it’s up to you! Cursed objects, lucky charms, the possibilities are endless, no?
So write ‘em and send ‘em in!
We love all the words!
A very happy November month for all of you, and to you awesome NaNoWriMo participants, good luck and congratulations on all the words already written! YOU’RE DOING GREAT!

Lara Savine


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