The Tybalt Perdition with John Cordial!

In our line of work, we see many things. Books, launches, events … but rarely do we have the honor of actually being there to be part of one.
And today that changes!
Today we have the huge honor and pleasure of featuring this week’s author, John Cordial, in Musae Mosaic’s very first author platform building extension, by promoting book launches.
This launch support will be the first of many, we hope, and as such, this day is extra, extra special.
Many congratulations to John Cordial on the Tybalt Perdition’s release! We hope it skyrockets you to success!

A Few Word from John Cordial himself!

So after more than a year of sharing lines and tweeting about Caldyr Prayers, Tybalt Perdition is finally out! It’s her first novella and the start of her adventures as a detective. The story centers on an unwanted client with an issue of celestial proportions.

The Glass Fate series, Caldyr’s stories, are my main WIP right now. Book One, Museum of Starving Things, is being edited and I’m doing some self-edits on book two. Taking a break for all that for NaNoWriMo, of course. Working on another book in my other series, a cyberpunk.

My inspiration for Glass Fate, and Caldyr in particular, is pretty complex, but mostly I just wanted to write about a cool little fairy that acts a bit like Sam Spade on a bad day. Also wanted to mix up some mythology and folklore, see how all that plays out. It’s set in my hometown of Stockton, CA. I live a few miles south now, but it’s a great place for a fairy detective to set up shop. Reynardine is just a fox trickster I always wanted to tell a story about.

The cover is my own design, I’m an amateur graphic artist besides writing. Choosing my own cover is one reason I took the indie author route, albeit a small one. I like simple styles, I feel like it fits my writing somehow. Another hobby, and good practice for the covers, is making quote graphics. Just relaxing and I like to switch up my desktop a lot. Here’s my latest favorite.

Here’s the links:
Tybalt Perdition (

John Cordial Author Page ( )


In another world, a ship sinks above an ancient reef. Beneath the icy waves, among scores of drowning sailors, she was born.

Caldyr Prayers is a mostly normal fairy, but a not-so-normal detective, especially for Stockton, California. She’s looking to make a name for herself and build a real life; a proper legacy as the World’s foremost fairy private eye. She’s just gotta get off the ground with her wings tied behind her back (to keep her fairyhood secret from the humans.) All she needs is a chance…

And in walks Reynardine Slybold—the Dread Fox. God, trickster, seducer, petty thief, and chaos in a lurid suit. But he just might have a legitimate case for Caldyr. He’s giving up his divinity and needs her to find a solution to his oldest feud. If she can solve the Fox’s problems, and keep them alive, the fairy could make a few much needed bucks… maybe even a name for herself.


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