The Very Best of Tall Tales #FP!

There it was! The Very Best of Next Door Neighbors! Now before we forget what it feels like to walk down #FP lane, and wander amidst the awesomeness, we have the second Best of on its way!
Funny story about Friday 13th, you know, I forgot to add it in the last post, but does anyone know why it is such an inauspicious day? I didn’t until about five years ago, and since then the particular history of this event has become a historical obsession of mine.
The fear of the number 13 is triskaidekaphobia and it is what that little mouse in the old Disney movie The Rescuers suffered from. Nice, subtle touch, I thought.
Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday 13th, and there is a lot of debate about the accuracy of its origin. The most popular of these theories is that in the year 1307, a scroll was given to officers of King Philip IV of France to capture, arrest, and exterminate the Knights Templar, an order of men charged with protecting Jerusalem and the Christian pilgrims during the Crusades.
During their two centuries of existence, large sums of land and money were given by to the Knights Templar and the King, who was running out of cash, then decided to go after theirs.
By publicly accusing them of heresy, he and not Pope Clement V, had the ace of cards he needed to wage an epic smear campaign against the Knights Templar and because of its growing bad rep, Pope Clement V had the order disbanded.
Sensationalist propaganda, as this one article refers to it, then alleges that the King had them all exterminated and that the surviving Templars became the Freemasons (apparently a rumor actually started by the Freemasons) and that in the centuries to come, they became the new face of the illuminati, choosing science over God in retribution over the injustices their fallen brethren suffered so many centuries before.
One wonders which Wikipedia source they used in the 15th century, y’know … anyway, fascinating stories, even if it’s become conspiracy theories and conjecture! But there you have it. The history of the world scariest number. Except maybe number 666 … but there you have it!
A nicer story to tell now would be that of this last week’s #FP. The theme was Tall Tales, inspired an insanity-induced reality TV binge-watch of mine. The ridiculousness of it all just made me think What If and my genius solution was to manifest it in a #FP theme. Go me!
Now that awesome #FP theme has come back to us in the form of a Very Best Of feature, and I am super thrilled to present it to you today, brought to you by the genius of the Musae Mosaic Community.
So be enthralled, and enjoy the Very Best Of Tall Tales!

Tall tales

God is Tricksy‏ @AdrianYoung10
Wow! Look at that tale!

“It must be at least 300 feet high!!”

That’s what I call a tall tale!

“What’s it about?”



God is Tricksy‏ @AdrianYoung10
passes by
like wind swept
cloud-filled skies
as memories fade
and graves
and ovens beckon
and tall tales become
a necessary evil

God is Tricksy‏ @AdrianYoung10
The house had been empty for years. But everyone had seen the little girl in the window. Smiling. Blowing kisses.
In her red 50’s dress.

chris p‏ @chrispapps2
On a dark Sligo evening the tall tales told with a candle flickering brought Emer and Cu Chalain into the room in all their glory.

C Alexandra‏ @NerdCactus
“Once upon a time, there was a charming, handsome, witty god of mischief…”
“Isn’t this story supposed to be about you, Luck?” #FP

Cedrix E. Clarke‏ @CedrixClarke
Ed’s doubt in himself rose to such an acute level he wasn’t surprised when he heard a poof! sound just before he stopped existing. #FP

Roger__Jackson‏ @jabe842
She asked him why he was smiling, and his soft answer kindled her own smile in return.

“I’m thinking of all the ways I could use you.”

Mori Kaithor(spooky)‏ @MoriKaithor
A long long time ago, there was a cellphone that lived in a leather socket. His owner touched him often, with his bacteria-fingers.

Bobbi Bowman‏ @bobbibowwoman
Hyperbole was an art around the dinner table. Laughter and tall tales. We never spoke of the pain. #FP

Bobbi Bowman‏ @bobbibowwoman
I froze as the furry tail circled my foot at the dinner table.
“Your dog has a tall tail.”
“What dog?” #FP

Becky Spence‏ @bex_spence
Another story. Another lie. Empty words pour, ink falling from your lips, seeping into the air. Dissolve before they touch the floor. #fp

Lexi Lefevre‏ @LexiIsAWriter
Tell me
a story
of long
so hard,
it’d broken
of stone.
How all
failed to
and its
or so
I was
#FP #vss

KizzyLouFreebush‏ @kizletwiggle
His words shook her to the core.

“You’re mine, now.”


“You should have read the fine print, dear. It said body AND soul.”

stevemcauliffe‏ @beholdcosmicwav
A golden land sprung liberated from out of our collective imagining
Golden pillars framed the ponds
wherein children bathed delightedly #FP

Karina Lawrence‏ @KarinaLawrence
She’s becoming Voldemort, she who shall not be named. Though her name lingers on my vocal chords like a tattoo. #FP #amwriting

Karina Lawrence‏ @KarinaLawrence
I wait a beat, enjoying the tense moment, my body shaking with the effort of restraint. I count to five.
Then nod

AJ Mullican‏ @AJMullican
“She’s the best Hawkeye in the Dead City.”
“Best Hawkeye in this whole damn sad excuse for a country, I’d say.” #FP

Anna Chant‏ @anna_chant
I thought Oengus was telling a pretty tale to put heart into the men That is good for the young lads like your brothers & indeed Cinaed #FP

Casey Costra‏ @CaseyCostra
“…used to use ’em for toilet brushes. And that’s the story, son, of why humans lost their tails.”
#FP Tall Tales

Debbie Crypt Owens‏ @CribbOwens
“By my own tenacity and the grace of God, I overcame every obstacle and stand before you victorious!”
“Oh good. You got the milk.”

Karina Lawrence‏ @KarinaLawrence
I find her presence in the small things, a ripe avocado, morning sunlight falling on crisp white sheets, a snug pair of jeans #fp #amwriting

Vicki Addesso‏ @VickiAddesso
You tell me your truths in the moonlight.
I listen.
The earth spins round.
Sunlight burns holes in those lies.
Frayed fables remain.

J.L. Brown‏ @AuthorJLBrown
They took a pledge, a blood oath, to protect me. The sacred oath they swore was no child’s play. It was ancient Druid magic. #FP

Mr Paul‏ @CnstantGardener
She hears the tall people tell tales but every time they only let her stay for a while. When she moves to the big house the tales stop. #FP

Chris Mahan‏ @chris_mahan
They sat around the campfire
After a long day
Each regaling the others
With embellished accounts
Of their adventures

KizzyLouFreebush‏ @kizletwiggle
He took her to the darkest places in her soul, holding her safe. “Look,” he whispered, “There’s nothing to be scared of. Embrace it.”

Karina Lawrence‏ @KarinaLawrence
And I know you’ll think “she’s probably not all that”. Maybe my mind has conjured up an image of her so perfect it can’t be real
Maybe #fp

Paul Jameson‏ @Modquokka
“Yousefibbin’,” she frowns, unsure.
“Perhaps,” the undertaker smiles, shrugs. “But a story’s only a lie if you don’t believe in it.”

Roger__Jackson‏ @jabe842
“You look sweet.” he said.

He brushed a firm thumb against her mouth, smearing lipstick towards her jawline.

“There. That’s better.”

Casey Donart‏ @CaseyDonart
Lies tangled in the trees
in vines
of vices
we can’t undo
#FP #poetry #poem

A.M. Hounchell‏ @inferno4dante
Dragon of fire and brimstone
The last of his kind
So he says to the rest
While wearing his crest #FP

αηηίε‏ @anniescribes
He loved hearing her tell stories. The short and sweet kind, just like her; the kind he could fold and tuck in his back pocket.

K.N. Hyatt‏ @kn_hyatt
“I’m not trying to convince you of anything, but I believe there are things in the pass that long ago faded into myth.” #FP

C. M. Turner‏ @authorCM_Turner
There’s a bridge where I come from with many souls living beneath. Sounds like a tall tale but I assure you it’s true.

Every Writer‏ @QueryAnne
Been waiting forever to see the moon because the mountain blocks it from view, so you pretend to be a monster while we sit in the dark. #fp

𝓑👀…𝓜𝘦? 👻‏ @Lilsweetnspice
I weave in my mind
a tall tale
of a whimsical,utopic
place to reside.
Beauty surrounds
kindness has
no bounds
& love is
without fail.🌎

Karen‏ @KarenOhren
my umbrella
these little legs
a mushroom
dancing in the rain.

I’m a short story
not a tall tale.

God is Tricksy‏ @AdrianYoung10
Yesterday, I was innocently crunching autumnal leaves underfoot when I was surreptitiously approached by a squirrel in a red bandana.

Owl Write‏ @OwlWrite4Cake
She carried them with her everywhere she went. Each tale, tall or small, was kept safe in her leather satchel. Stories were her currency. #FP

Shara Godwinson‏ @sharagodwinson
#FP “All these myths, legends, stories; they’re nothing but tall tales full of non-sense.”
“I like non-sense,” Clive said.


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