The Very Best of Next Door Neighbors #FP!

Well, well, well … what have we here?
Looks like awesomeness to me, actually! And ya wanna know something great? I’m right! Hahahahaaa! Wheeeeee
I apologize. I am currently experiencing a worrying coffee high, and things are a bit blurry and weird.
But good news is I am of sane mind (mostly) and I am not about to stop (yeah, I’m lying. Sorry.)
So, his has been a strangely productive week and compared to the three weeks before this that were just such a nightmare, it feels a bit weird. However, thank heavens, we are absolutely taking it into our stride and good things are happening.
Monday, we published this amazing interview with a longtime #FP participant and super amazing author, John Cordial! You ever just meet someone like that who blew your mind to bits? We just did, and we are more than happy to share our utter wonderment with you.
So if you have not yet done so, you simply MUST catch up on this interview. You really, seriously must.
And following that one awesome Monday, we also had an amazing #200WT edition! Joy is when there’s enough content to have an amazing #200WT edition and it hits above 300 views, so … we hit the magic maker and it was wonderful.
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And now, to the #FP’s …
So because we had such a fluctuation in our content schedule, what with my laptop and all, it was very hard to keep to it in the last week. As in, nearly impossible, so what we have here today is the Best Of Next Door Neighbors and the Best Of Tall Tales. A Best of All World, if you ask me 🙂
To begin the beautiful series of #FP’s, here we have and we present, the Very Best of Next Door Neighbors!

Next door neighbors


Jiangshi-chi-yeah  👹‏ @demiurgent_G
The sun rose on us, the moon set and your totem of me swung from the tree. Still we were neighbours. You laughed as you spit on me. #fp

Chris Mahan‏ @chris_mahan
It’s never easy living next door
His tomb is always noisy
Something in there stirs
All the night long
Can we not rest in peace?

Willie Crypt Handler‏ @WillieHandler
I sense an annoying humming sound in my head. The Martians look at each other with worried looks.
“Someone is at the door” say Bleeker.

Jacqueline Dooley‏ @jackie510
I can’t see the moon, so I’ll watch the neighbor’s cat. Wrapped in scarlet curtains, her eyes look like two glowing moons #FP #FridayThe13th

J.S. Mitchell‏ @inkpage
We tried to escape the glare of his front porch stare, but keeping secrets from him was like playing poker in a house of mirrors. #FP

C Alexandra‏ @NerdCactus
Around her family, Lyn often felt like the neighbor no one talked to out of a shared conviction that she would eat their children. #FP

Roger__Jackson‏ @jabe842
The next door neighbour welcomed me to my new home with a vegan pie. It was delicious, but later I found an eyelid between my teeth.

chrisp‏ @chrispapps2
The arid wind from the north was our only constant neighbour, it brought dust, not gifts and tore relentlessly at the rusty iron roof.

Roger__Jackson‏ @jabe842
Yes, I take my cosplay seriously, but I just love the character. That’s why I always wear the mask when I kill someone.

Brandon Custy‏ @brandon_custy
She loves the sun and hates the rain. I love the rain and hate to run. One door down and worlds apart. She could feel my heart

Necropolis Frau‏ @prosateuse
They’re so nosy, that family next door. Can’t a woman bury her husband in peace?

chris p‏ @chrispapps2
My neighbour , a winged master beloved of Athene who keeps the mice in check and loftily surveys my futile human scribblings.

Jiangshi-chi-yeah 👹‏ @demiurgent_G
I grew up in a semidetached house & wanted to fall in love with my neighbour, so we’d marry & merge our homes. I didn’t, but we did. #fp

Lexi Lefevre‏ @LexiIsAWriter
With porcelain skin
& eyes of
she opened the
for me,
at last.
Upon greeting,
she took
my hand
& said,
in an
I believed
was reserved
for the
betwixt an
pixie smile
& pearl-adorned
#FP #VerseAngel 129

You can call me V‏ @vspearson85
So kind of the neighbour to help me dig my garden.
He didn’t know it was a grave.
I’ve a spot picked out for him if he wakes me again.

Mr Paul‏ @CnstantGardener
The neighbors kid just got a drum set. He practices at 9pm each night. Perfect for drowning out the screams.

Roger__Jackson‏ @jabe842
I don’t know what shocked me more: seeing my neighbour spying on me, or the thumbs up she gave when I stabbed my victim in the face.

Roger__Jackson‏ @jabe842
It’s hard to believe that this time last week, I was in the dark, because this time last week, I’d never seen your smile.

Jon 🐌‏ @sloopjonb1960
“Some of us have, alas, fallen into brigandage and piracy, so that our reputation is fallen low among our neighbours.”

Eric Lahti‏ @ericlahti1
Over time, she got used to the fact that her neighbors were maps, stuffed jackalopes, and that weird mummy that groaned all night.

Paul Jameson‏ @Modquokka
Neighbours walk floorboards, move, make noise; tip tap, tip tap. Talk noisy. Whisper, whisper. No more. A hammer bleeds; cats purr.

chris p‏ @chrispapps2
An ancient fig tree spreads its leafy boughs over my neighbours yard, we agreed its canopy made a fine scene and we enjoy its bounty.

Larysia🖊‏ @Larysia
He peered in through her window. She was peeling off her bra. Then she peeled off her face & stretched her mandibles. Feeding time. #FP

Kris. always Kris..‏@superkrispydj
#fp The chair in the porch rocks to &fro, a whisp of smoke rises from the pipe clenched in a gummy mouth. He just watches, always there.

Stephen 🍁🍂🎃🎃🍂🍁‏ @GallifreyGamgee
Officer Wade glared at Tippy. “This is the last complaint we’ll respond to on your neighbors! They’re honest hardworking cannibals!” #FP

Rêve-Ree‏ @ReeDwithaBee
Thru the lace curtain her face is blurred – as tho behind a bridal veil, but he thinks he sees a smile as she plays those dreamy chords #FP

Saint Eric‏ @Mr_Micawber
Gone was the next door neighbor
No more arguments or fights
Now only quiet nights
Filled with many meals to savor

You can call me V‏ @vspearson85
The neighbours are ok.Don’t see them in the day at all. Keep bats too.
Idk why the last tenant planted garlic under all the windows tho #fp

jfxmcloughlin‏ @jfxmcl
“Come now, no need to bother about the neighbors,” she said. “Unless of course they come with the torches and pitchforks again …” #FP

Briana Morgan 🖤👻‏ @brimorganbooks
He thought it was his lucky day. Instead, it was his last.
#fp #horror

Larysia🖊‏ @Larysia
The crone next door gave him the evil eye. He didn’t believe in jinxes, but when he grew a tail, he considered he was hexed. #FP #SciFiFri

so_manywords‏ @so_manywords
When she was alone, she only had her thoughts to keep her company. Talk about your crazy neighbors… #FP

PlatinumRoseLady‏ @PlatinumRoseL

The kids told Kara she lived next door to a witch.

Relief bloomed in her soul.

Finally, maybe now she could find a teacher.

Brynhildr☾‏ @Anachronist3
“She murdered my husband, the evil old hag next door, she did!”
The detective gave her a look.
“She happens to be my mother, madam.”

R.B. McConnell‏ @BunnyDarkness
Staring at the snowflake tattoo on his neck, she moved past him. Looking up from his book he smiled. She got off the train,a lost chance #FP

Sarah Brentyn💀🖤‏ @SarahBrentyn
He’s a good neighbor. It’s nice having company, though I’ve always envied his view. They hung him from the branch facing Lake Mors.

Casey Donart‏ @CaseyDonart
Once burned
In this home
The walls bled
The cracks deepened
The wolf came
#FP #poetry #poem

Bobbi Bowman‏ @bobbibowwoman
A bomb shakes; we watch a swat team surround the next door neighbor’s home.
“There are kids there!” hubs runs out.
“Back inside, sir” #fp

Bobbi Bowman‏ @bobbibowwoman
A tiny voice on the other side of the neighbor’s fence beckons my grand babies to play.
I peek over the fence.
No one is there. #fp

Nate Ragolia‏ @NateRagolia
The saddest day in my life was the day when I realized that our neighbors cared nothing for us, and would sooner squirrel away a fortune they’d never spend than help anyone else survive. #FP

Roger__Jackson‏ @jabe842
It was a funny trick, the way the clown used telekinesis to hurl the custard pies. It was funnier still with the knives.

Lord Stabdagger!‏ @Lord_Stabdagger
#FP Months of intense waiting, finally, a message from our closest neighbours across the stars. It said-Can you keep the noise down please?

Ariana Bella Durante‏ @ArianaDurante
Each year the crimson roses bloomed & bled such stunning aromatic jewels.
She’s on her 4th neighbour, fertilising the soil perfectly. #fp

Hannah Powley‏ @Hannah_Monster
She had no next-door neighbour to greet her each morning, just the ghostly imprint of his body on the lawn to silently watch her leave #FP

God is Tricksy‏ @AdrianYoung10
My mind is empty. Devoid of thought. Barren.

Although I’m not quite as bad as Barry, my next door neighbour, who’s a complete idiot.

KizzyLouFreebush‏ @kizletwiggle
Shame was bitter on her tongue, bile & regret in a nauseating cocktail. She heaved, gagged, wept.
It didn’t stop her next time, though.

Lord Stabdagger!‏ @Lord_Stabdagger
#FP I like my neighbour, such a sweet old lady and darn good babysitter. I haven’t the heart to tell her she’s been dead these past 5 years.

Lord Stabdagger!‏ @Lord_Stabdagger
#FP Your lucky, my neighbour’s a time traveller, irritating git! He once brought back a cave man and the cat’s been missing ever since.

Call me Trulock‏ @CrTrulock
I hated people so much, it was a relief to move to the space station. No more neighbors.

So what’s with the knocking at the airlock? #FP

Rose Erlin‏ @RoseErlinWrites
Inhuman lover,
my shining knight
of flame

Come live and love
beside me

Melt this ice
queen’s heart
#fp #fictfri #PinkPrompt#DimpleVerse

Karen‏ @KarenOhren
The next door neighbour
clever eyed and silent
sneaking furtive glances
black cat
on the garden wall.

J.S. Mueller‏ @JSMueller_5150
Entering my apt, I was greeted by my neighbor, on the sofa, wine glass in hand. My heart dropped. “What have you done? Where’s my wife?”


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